Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

Nothing is more irritating than a hazy or a dirty car windshield especially when you are driving. For many car owners cleaning car windows without streaks remains a difficult feat. If you are one of them, follow our tips for cleaning windows without streaks.  

Reasons for Streaks on Cars Window

The main cause of streaks on the car's window is the evaporation rate. When you wash the car under the sun, the cleaning solution applied on the window evaporates fast leaving...continue reading

Fall Scenic Road Trip Ideas

Leaf viewing is the least expensive way to experience Americas awe-inspiring natural beauty. Check out our top five fall scenic road trip ideas where you are guaranteed to see some amazing fall colors. 

Cherohala Skyway

The fall season is the best time to drive on the Cherohala Skyway. As the cold weather arrives, the changing leaves and their colors are spectacular. The leaves in the higher elevations start changing colors in September and continue through mid-November in lower elevations....continue reading

October is Fall Car Care Month

Preventive car maintenance goes a long way in keeping your car in good shape, especially with winter on the way. October is Fall Car Care Month and auto experts advise car owners to perform basic vehicle maintenance this month to prepare your car for winter.

Check Engine Oil 

Car manufacturers advise car owners to check the engine oil level regularly. This is important because it prevents excessive wear and tear on the engine. In the absence of adequate lubrication, there is more friction between...continue reading

What Ford Vehicles Are Good for Families?

Travel time with your family must be perfect in every sense. From selecting your destination to the kind of car you drive, there is no room for compromise. Here are some of the finest Ford vehicles that are good for families.

Ford Escape

This car is one of the best crossovers on the market. It is compact and can navigate in tight spaces like a sedan. Starting new at just under $25,000, you are rewarded with both space and drivability. You can comfortably accommodate two...continue reading

The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

Car sales are undoubtedly seasonal. While most months of the year witness heavy sales, the holiday season does seem a bit slack with car sales. As the weather turns cold, you will not find many people venturing out to purchase cars. But did you know that the holiday season is perhaps the best time to buy cars? With great deals and discounts, it is an exciting prospect to check out.

Tips For Going Car Shopping During Holidays

Smart buyers know that holidays are the time when car dealerships...continue reading