Top 10 Vehicle Repairs Commonly Needed

Top 10 Vehicle Repairs Commonly Needed

The ownership of a vehicle comes with its own costs. Frequent repairs shouldn’t be one of them. You need to ensure timely maintenance to prevent costly repairs. Despite the precautions, there is always the chance of your vehicle undergoing some common repairs. You should get them done in time to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Some common repairs are:

1. Damages to Brake Pads

In a car, braking systems are often exposed to severe conditions and they wear faster than other components. The brake pads and rotors should be regularly inspected. The minor repairs should be done in time. Moreover, they should be immediately replaced if you can hear the brakes making loud noises.

2. Damages to Mass Airflow Sensors

This is a component that measures the amount of air getting inside the engine. This information is used by the smart system to determine the appropriate fuel to air ratio in the ignition chamber. To ensure better performance, damages to airflow sensors should be immediately repaired.

3. Damages to Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are vital for efficient operations of the car. It sends sparks to the ignition chamber. However, it is prone to damage and wears over time with consistent usage. Get it replaced with genuine spares at a reliable dealership.

4. Damages to the Catalytic Converter

The function of a catalytic converter is to neutralize the harmful compounds existing in the exhaust system. This component becomes susceptible to damage when other parts of the exhaust system are not functioning well.

5. Damages to Oxygen Sensors

This is a component that controls the emission of hazardous compounds like carbon monoxide from the exhaust system. Typically, it is designed to last longer and may need a replacement after completing more than 100,000 miles of running.

6. Damages to the Transmission

Sometimes, the manual gearbox or clutches in your car may also get damaged due to consistent wearing. These issues can aggravate and lead to costly further repairs. Hence, you should get them repaired in time, preferably after 40,000 miles.

7. Damages to the Suspension Bushing

This component in modern cars is prone to damages or premature wear. Once damaged, it affects the overall performance of your vehicle. You can prevent this condition with timely repair and maintenance of the car.

8. Damages to the Thermostat

It is a vital device that provides data related to the engine’s temperature. It monitors the temperature on a consistent basis and shares the same with your car’s system. This problem is typically experienced in older models.

9. Damages to the Ignition Coil

When the ignition coil connects with the spark plugs, it initiates the performance of your vehicle. If not maintained properly, this issue can affect the ignition chamber and lead to its wearing.

10. Damages to Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves

The emissions from your car may increase if these valves are not checked and replaced in time. You should take the car to a trustworthy dealership for a complete checkup and servicing.

For any of these common repairs, you should lay your trust only in a licensed mechanic at a leading car dealership.