What Are the Best Cars for Summer Road Trips?

What Are the Best Cars for Summer Road Trips?

Summer is here and it’s time to take on the road, with family and friends or by yourself. No matter where you go, having the right vehicle is key to a great road trip. Practicality, luggage space, and comfort are all important things to look for. But, that’s not all. You don’t want a gas guzzler or a vehicle lacking in safety features. Here are some of the best options for a ride that can handle summer road trips with ease.

1. Ford Mustang Convertible

Enjoy your road trip in an American legend. In its sixth-generation, the Ford Mustang keeps getting better. It is refined with sophisticated interiors and an independent suspension in both the front and rear.

Ford has updated the 2019 model with the latest tech features, some of which are hard to resist. It comes with a digital instrument cluster to keep an eye on road metrics, Ford SYNC® technology and a six-speaker audio system.

2. Ford F-150 Raptor

With its optimized performance, Ford Raptor is the ultimate pickup truck for off-road enjoyment. Whether you need to tow or haul, this vehicle can do it all. Towing is easy in this truck, thanks to a control knob on the dashboard that lets you back up a trailer with ease. The maximum towing capacity of Ford F-150 Raptor is 13,200 pounds, allowing you to take anything from kayaks and boats to a camper or second car with you on the road.

3. Ford Expedition

On your adventurous summer trip, you need a vehicle as capable as the Ford Expedition. It offers adaptive cruise control, cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring system to keep you safe and alert, even on the roughest terrains.

Apart from safety, this vehicle provides a comfortable space for accommodating eight people. It also has an onboard WiFi system to connect up to 10 devices. If you want to pull tow trailer or camper, the Ford Expedition can do that for you, too. With its 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine® and 10-speed automatic transmission, you’ll have the power and handling you need for a great road trip.

4. Toyota Prius

With its amazing fuel economy (54 mpg city/50 mpg highway), Toyota Prius is the ultimate road trip vehicle that goes light on fuel consumption as well and is the most fuel-efficient car without a plug. In fact, the L Eco trim gets an estimated 58 mpg in the city and 56 mpg on the highway. That’s quite impressive, and a great feature for summer road trips!

Notable enhancements have been made by the company in the 2019 version to improve dynamics and interiors of this vehicle. If you have to stay in your car for long hours, it can be as comfortable as you want.

5. Honda CR-V

As a classic compact crossover, CR-V never disappoints. It’s meant for fun (“CR-V” stands for “Compact Recreational Vehicle”) and is a great car for a summer road trip, thanks to its 32 mpg on the highway and available AWD.

It has a ride height of 6.7 inches and an ingenious interior layout that impresses every type of traveler. When combined with its affordability and advanced safety features, it is the best choice in its class.

These are the top cars for an exhilarating summer road trip.