What Isn’t Covered in the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

What Isn’t Covered in the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Choosing a car with a good warranty system will help save on not just immediate costs but potential costs during the warranty term. These are the different types of warranties you get when you buy a new car:

  • Basic warranty for bumper-to-bumper coverage.

  • Powertrain warranty on the engine, transmission and transaxle, front- and rear-wheel drive systems, corrosion warranty against rusts.

  • Roadside assistance warranty on towing and tire changing.

  • Emissions warranty in accordance with federal and state laws.

Here is an exhaustive list of the things that are not covered by a Ford Warranty. For more details, you can read the warranty booklet.

1. Defaulting on Owner’s Manual guidelines: The Owner’s Manual specifies guidelines for using, maintaining and caring for your care. Damages due to failure in meeting the guidelines are not covered. Please maintain copies of all maintenance records and bills for review.

2. Altered odometer readings: In case the odometer is found to be tampered or defective, the car is disqualified from warranties.

3. Salvage: Cars that are labeled as dismantled, fire, flood, junk, rebuilt, reconstructed or salvaged are not covered.

4. Unwarranted components: Some key components of your car are covered for a limited period of time. Failure in any other component is not covered.

5. Consequential loss: Any incidental or consequential loss occurring from loss of use of the vehicle, inconvenience or commercial loss is not covered.

6. Severe damage: Punitive, exemplary or multiple damages are not covered unless applicable law prohibits this disclaimer.

7. Competitive driving: If your car or any of its components are damaged while racing or competitive driving then it is not covered, even if the car is equipped for racing.

8. Misuse: Your car is designed to be used for regular travel. But if you use it for driving over curbs, driving in deep water, overloading, towing or as a permanent stationary power source, damages would not be covered.

9. Improper installation or modification:  Any damage, corrosion or failure occurring due improper installation, faulty maintenance process, alteration, modification, use of low-level fluids or installation of non-Ford Motor Company parts or software.

10. Unforeseen circumstances: Damage to your car due to theft, vandalism, fire, flood, freezing, accident, road salt, tree sap, bird or bee droppings, earthquakes, etc., is not covered.

11. Wear and tear: Any damage to the car or tire due to normal wear and tear is not covered. This includes oil changes, oils, lubricants and other fluids used, oil/air filters, tire rotation/inflation, cleaning/polishing, clutch linings, wiper blades, wheel alignments and tire balancing and brake pad/lining.

12. SYNC® Hands-Free Communications and Entertainment System: If your car is equipped with SYNC®, repairs and incidental loss are not covered if you fail to provide proper installation environment.

13. Damage during car wash: If any damage arises during manual or automatic car wash, the use of a pressure washer or the consequential ingestion of the engine, it is not covered.