Car Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Cleaning Last

Car Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Cleaning Last

When the winter is over, the first thing you need to do is clean the car and keep it ready for long summer road trips. Here are few tips to make your cleaning efforts last.

Remove the Clutter from Your Car

The first cleaning tip is getting rid of any clutter so that it is easy to get rid of hidden dirt in unseen corners and crevices inside the car. Remove the empty cans, empty water bottles, food wrappers and other items that lie in the backseat. If your car has a trunk, you need to also empty it before cleaning it out.

Clean the Interior with a Vacuum Cleaner

If you use a brush to remove the dust from a corner or from the mats, it will only rise in the air and settle somewhere else in the car. Hence, car cleaning experts always suggest car owners use vacuum cleaners to clean the interior of the car. Don’t forget to remove car mats before cleaning the car interior with a vacuum cleaner. Some of the areas that need special attention while cleaning are the center console and the area around the dashboard. Once you are done with that, move the seats so that you can access the difficult to reach areas and suck all dust and debris with the vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the seats thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner before you put them back in their place.

If your car has leather seats, you need to be extra careful when using cleaning solutions to wipe off the stains. Leather is prone to drying and you need to use special conditioners after cleaning to keep the leather soft and supple.

Wash the Exterior

If possible, take your car for a wash to a car cleaning service to remove winter grime and any salt from the vehicle’s exterior. If you are planning to wash the car yourself, use an acid-free soap to ensure the paint of the car does not lose its shine.

Wash the Tires

Wash the grime and dirt off the tires and rims with a good cleaning solution. After you have cleaned the tires and rims, don’t forget to check the depth of the treads and the air pressure in all tires. You can prepare a cleaning solution by mixing a tablespoon of concentrated dish liquid in a bucket full of hot water. Before you scrub off the dirt, you can hose down loose dirt particles. You need to scrub off all grease and also clean the interior side of the rims. Use a toothbrush to clean hard to reach parts of the rim. After you have scrubbed off the dirt, you can rinse all wheels from top to bottom.

Freshen Up Your Car

Once you are done with cleaning the interior and exterior, you need to replace the air cabin filter and use your favorite air freshener to keep your car smelling nice and clean throughout the warm season.

If you don’t have the time, you can always take your car to a nearby car cleaning service and get your car thoroughly cleaned for a small price.