Ford to Manufacture Medical Supplies to Reduce the Shortage Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Ford to Manufacture Medical Supplies to Reduce the Shortage Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak


The growing number of COVID-19 patients has put a serious strain on the United States healthcare sector. Currently, medical professionals in hospitals throughout the country lack the necessary protective equipment to safely and effectively treat COVID-19 patients. The main shortages are currently in face masks, ventilators, and respirators. Ford is here to help make sure our healthcare heroes receive the supplies they so desperately need.


Ford Will Begin Manufacturing Necessary Medical Supplies


Ford recently announced that it has partnered with GE Healthcare and 3M to manufacture medical protective equipment including face masks, ventilators, and respirators in an attempt to bring an end to the nationwide shortage in essential medical supplies.


Ford has partnered with 3M to produce powered air-purifying respirators. The company recently confirmed that employees have rallied around this new effort to produce these much-needed respirators.


Ford has also collaborated with GE Healthcare in an effort geared toward manufacturing a simplified version of the ventilators currently produced by GE Healthcare. The production of these devices will allow more hospitals to effectively treat more patients with the most severe COVID-19 symptoms.


The company explained that it is planning to manufacture the devices in its Michigan factories. Bill Ford, the executive chairman, said that this collaboration with multiple industry leaders would make a significant difference to those fighting this virus on the frontlines.


Ford also said that its United States design team is designing and testing transparent full-face shields for healthcare workers as well as first responders. These face shields will be paired with N95 masks for maximum protection. The company has already sent 1,000 face shields for testing to hospitals in Detroit.


Ford said that it plans to employ its UAW workers to manufacture 100,000 face shields every week in order to assist medical professionals, store clerks, and factory workers.