5 Innovative Car Technologies You May See Soon

5 Innovative Car Technologies You May See Soon

Futuristic automobile technologies are emerging in this sector to ensure safer driving experiences. In the future, cars are expected to be loaded with innovative technologies that can make them more self-sufficient. The enhanced capabilities of these vehicles will be fueled by the latest developments made in the field of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, driverless operations and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Many new markets and automobile makers have entered this domain with anticipation of revolutionizing innovations. They are consistently supported by the government to bring these technologies to reality. Here are five such advanced technologies that you will soon experience in modern vehicles:

1. The Concept of Self-Driving Cars

This technology is most eagerly awaited by everyone. Automobile majors like Ford and many others are working tirelessly to develop driverless cars for safer driving experiences on the road. With support from the technology giants of Silicon Valley, they are anticipating humongous progress to be made in the next few years. These futuristic cars will run on roads without any human intervention using their fully autonomous capabilities. This technology has been developed over time to evolve as a game changer for the automobile industry. Hence, you can expect to ride in a driverless car very soon.

2. The Concept of Airbags as An Active Safety System

Realizing the safety reinforcements facilitated by airbags, many leading automobile makers are planning to reinvent this technology in a new avatar. The transformation of airbags from a passive to an active safety system will work as a catalyst for innovation in the industry. It is expected to move beyond the current versions that include side airbags, knee airbags, curtain airbags and seatbelt airbags. This technology is undergoing research to facilitate the deployment of airbags underneath cars to stop them before a potential crash or collision.

3. The Concept of Vehicles That Talk to Each Other

The vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology will simplify driving and make it safe even during heavy traffic. Using this advanced system, vehicles can communicate with each other for sharing important information related to routes and traffic networks. This information sharing can help in avoiding serious accidents caused due to human error. For example, if a blind turn is taken or brakes are applied impromptu, this technology will help the car communicate its position and speed to other surrounding vehicles for avoiding a collision.

4. The Concept of AR-Enabled Dashboards

Dashboards will also improve with changing technology in the future. With augmented reality, the windshield and windows of modern cars will become interactive display screens to showcase information about external objects existing on the road. This technology will improve safety mechanisms and the overall riding experience for passengers.

5. The Concept of Energy-Efficient Body Panels

Leading car makers are trying to integrate energy-efficient body panels made from carbon resin and polymer fiber to remove the flaws of hybrid batteries existing in contemporary cars. These panels will be light in weight and flexible to enhance the speed of vehicles without affecting their strength. They are durable and functional.

These are five technologies that will soon become the reality of modern vehicles.