5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Car

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Car

There's nothing better than a new start to make your life healthier and better. People make New Year’s resolutions with the same objective. While there is nothing wrong with making New Year’s resolutions for yourself, you need to also think of other vital things that are part of your life, like your car. Here we have shared five New Year’s resolutions for your car that will ensure it gets the attention that it needs.

1. Take Your Car for Complete Wash and Detailing

The first thing to do is to take your car for a complete wash and detailing. You can take the car to your favorite garage and give it the best treatment you can afford. Winter months are detrimental to your car. The road salt and ice can wreak havoc on your car’s body. A complete wash after winter would ensure all harmful elements sticking to the car’s surface are washed off. Make sure you wash your car at least every two weeks during a warmer season. If you live in an area with lots of road salt, you can wash it more frequently during winter. 

2. Schedule a Tune-Up

If the schedule for a tune-up is not near yet, take the car to the local garage and get everything checked. A tune-up or quick oil change would not cost much. However, it can prevent damage later on. Give them an idea about possible issues or problems and get the engine checked. Also, ask the auto mechanic to check important fluids like transmission fluid, brake fluid and coolant, and get them filled if needed. Make a commitment to bring back the car for scheduled maintenance next time too.

3. Setup an Automobile Account

Car repairs can be expensive. Hence, you should set up an automobile account and allot money for repairs. This money can be used to fulfill car-related repair expensed and regular maintenance. 

4. Stick to Maintenance Schedule

Basic car maintenance may look like an unnecessary expense that can be skipped. However, the truth is that it actually saves money. Getting minor repairs done and timely oil changes prevent big problems. It also keeps the engine and other car systems in good health. Sticking to the maintenance schedule ensures timely care and fixes for the car that enhances the longevity of the engine. Some of the regular maintenance tasks include changing the oil and air filter and maintaining recommended fluid levels. 

5. Inspect Your Tires Regularly 

Check the tire pressure regularly. According to tire experts, driving on underinflated tires leads to faster and uneven wear and tear of tires. Also, you need to check tires periodically for uneven wear of treads. Tire rotation is an important part of vehicle care. It refers to a periodic repositioning of tires to promote even tread wear. You should follow the tire rotation schedule for balanced handling, traction and even tread wear. 

No matter how old or new your vehicle is, it will always benefit from New Year's resolutions that focus on its care.