Should You Trade Your Car or Sell it Privately?

Should You Trade Your Car or Sell it Privately?

Now that you’ve come to the point of selling your car, it’s time to find the smartest way to do so. You can either choose to trade the vehicle in or sell it privately. By opting for a private sale, you can be sure to receive a great price because you choose the best offer. Here are a few tips you may want to keep in mind before moving forward:

Car Listing Sites

You will come across several websites where you can sell your car privately. You should opt to advertise online but make sure not to provide your personal contact details. You should provide an email address but avoid giving out your phone number online. There are several scammers out there waiting to make their move. Stay vigilant and only speak to buyers who are genuine and interested in making a deal.

Additionally, avoid working with buyers who are willing to pay a high price for the car even without taking a look at the vehicle or even asking for a test-drive. This is a definite scam and not worth your time.


Your buyer will want to test the vehicle and will ask for a meet up. Make sure to choose a safe location like a remote spot away from your residence. Also make a point to meet during the day and never once it gets dark. Additionally, always ask the buyer for their license before allowing them to take the vehicle for a test-drive. You may also want to accompany them on the test-drive to make sure the buyer does not drive off with your car. For safety reasons, you may want to ask a friend or relative to accompany you on the test-drive as well.


Having settled the deal, the buyer will most likely negotiate the amount with you. Make sure to be firm when settling the payment terms and method. It would be ideal to pay a visit to the buyer’s bank while he or she completes the transaction or consider finalizing a convenient and safe way of getting the transaction done.

Paper Trail

Paperwork is extremely important. Make sure to keep a paper trail throughout the process with the buyer and be sure to understand the kind of documentation required for the procedures, especially when it comes to the title of the vehicle.

Title Transfer

You will need to complete a procedure to have the title transferred to the buyer. The three important steps include: re-titling the car, transferring the vehicle into the buyer’s name and paying off any other fees on the vehicle beforehand.

In all, make sure to take the time to choose the right buyer and do not rush into the decision. There are scammers out there waiting to make quick money so be sure to stay vigilant and away from possible fraud.