15 Romantic Things to Do in Chattanooga, TN

15 Romantic Things to Do in Chattanooga, TN

Romance doesn’t always mean closing all options and simply proceeding towards the movies. There are several places in Chattanooga, TN where couples can enjoy quiet times and do fun activities on dates. Most of the following activities can help kindle romance throughout the year:

1.      LOL- The short form is commonly used for Laugh Out Loud on the Internet and on SMS, and one can consider doing the same with a likeminded date. Comic performances can be enjoyed at the Comedy Catch, present at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Many of the comic performances here have also been featured on HBO, The Tonight Show, and Netflix.

2.      Dive into the Deep Blue: Well, this isn’t literally diving into the sea, but it is an experienced that could be pretty close. One can see the beautiful aquatic life at the Tennessee Aquarium.

3.      River Cruise: Sights and sounds of a cruise are truly mesmerizing for the senses, and more so when with a partner on the Tennessee River.

4.      Shopping- One can get lost among several home made goods and crafts at the Chattanooga Market while enjoying live music in the background.

5.      Wine and Dine: The comfort of a glass of wine is truly amazing with a loved one, and can be enjoyed at the Georgia Winery.

6.      Enjoy Chattanooga’s Famous Restaurants: Places like Stir and Frothy Monkey offer a variety of cuisines to choose from.

7.      Live music performance: Those who are fond of exclusively live music performances can pay a visit to Songbirds in Southside Chattanooga.

8.      A taste of history: Couples fond of history can visit the Hunter Museum of American Art to take a look at a whole timeline of paintings, from the Colonial period to the modern era.

9.      Natural beauty: To get a taste of natural beauty, head towards Rock City in Lookout Mountains, Georgia. It is six miles outside downtown Chattanooga and offers the experience of a pretty walk through rock formations, caves, and lavish gardens.

10.  Exclusive accommodation: Want to be together in a cozy environment? Consider taking a room at the Chattanooga Choo Choo that is replete with Victorian style designs and fixtures.

11.  Theatrical performances: Couples with artistic minds would like to visit the Tivoli Theatre, which has been entertaining Chattanooga with plays and concerts since 1921.

12.  Ghostly tour: There is a certain amount of thrill in getting spooked with one’s better half. This can be done at one of the spooky walking tours in Chattanooga Ghost Tours. The Murder and Mayhem tour is popular here.

13.  Stroll in the park: Those who love classical romantic environments can head over to the many parks in Chattanooga, one of which is Coolidge Park.

14.  Walnut Street Bridge: One can enjoy a beautiful view of the Tennessee River and the area around it without having to worry about oncoming traffic. However, couples should watch out for cycles on this bridge.

15.  Waterfall: It may be an interesting experience for many to visit the tallest and the deepest underground public waterfall in the US. Called the Ruby Falls, couples can enjoy the sights around with or without a tour guide.