With more than 50 trailheads within 30 minutes of downtown, Chattanooga is filled with incredibly scenic places to hike. But you may be surprised just how many of them also play a big part in the history of the region. You dont have to go far to find hikes that take you back in time and allow you to learn the history of how Chattanooga came to be. Here are five local hiking destinations that offer both excellent trails and a history lesson along the way.

1. Cravens House

Cravens House
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Theres something wonderful about a waterfall. From when you first hear it in the distance long before its visible until you see the powerful flow of water cascading over rock, the whole experience is something to remember. The Chattanooga area is home to some of the more impressive waterfalls in the southeast. So hit the trails and enjoy the beauty of these gems that are bound to impress.

Falling Water Falls moves a LOT of water after a major rain event. Jeff Bartlett

1. Falling Water Falls

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