Iconic Cars: Spooky Edition

In most horror movies, we talk about terrifying characters, but did you ever think a creepy car could send shivers down your spine? 

The Chevy COE from Jeepers Creepers


As the name implies, this is a seriously creepy movie. At the beginning the movie seems to tell the tale of a nice sibling road trip, returning home from spring break. This quickly changes, however, when the duo comes across a sinister 1941 Chevy COE. The truck in this film is almost comically large, specifically designed...continue reading

Carving a pumpkin is not difficult, however, it is still important to have a plan if you want your pumpkin to turn out well and your mess to be manageable.

Before you start, here is a quick rundown of the things you will need:

  1. Start by picking a long-lasting pumpkin. You want your pumpkin to last through Halloween, right? So, pick the freshest highest-quality pumpkin from your nearest shop. Give your pumpkin knock, if you hear a hollow sound, youve found your pumpkin.

  2. Prepare a workspace that...continue reading

Apple Picking in Southeastern Tennessee 

Fall in Tennessee is defined by a beautiful explosion of color. There are few things better than getting behind the wheel of a car you love and winding down a mountain road surrounded by the changing trees. If you are in the market for a new ride to cruise through Southeastern Tennessee, check out our new and used online inventory then reach out to one of our representatives today.

One of the other main attractions of the fall in Tennessee is apple picking....continue reading

2021 Bronco Buyers Guide 

Which Bronco Is Right for You

With the dealership debut of the 2021 Bronco just around the corner, and the calls to Reserve Your Bronco Now ringing loud in the ears of many throughout the country, we thought it would be helpful to provide our customers with a brief guide to what is being offered by the 2021 Ford Bronco. Below is a breakdown of the trim levels and select features you will find in Fords latest SUV offering. If you find a model (or two, or three) that you like, continue...continue reading

FordPass Connect FAQs

What is FordPass?

FordPass is an app from Ford designed to give customers the latest features for their Ford. This is accomplished by installing a modem, known as the FordPass Connect, into the vehicle itself to provide useful information, such as live traffic status, detailed past service records, updated maintenance schedules, information about the existing warranty, and more.

Can FordPass help me access Wifi in the car?

Yes. Through FordPass Connect, you can now connect to high speed WiFi while on the road....continue reading