The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

The Best Holiday Car Sales Events

Car sales are undoubtedly seasonal. While most months of the year witness heavy sales, the holiday season does seem a bit slack with car sales. As the weather turns cold, you will not find many people venturing out to purchase cars. But did you know that the holiday season is perhaps the best time to buy cars? With great deals and discounts, it is an exciting prospect to check out.

Tips For Going Car Shopping During Holidays

Smart buyers know that holidays are the time when car dealerships are looking to unload their previous year’s models, meaning you get to the privilege of owning a new car at discounted rates. If you are looking to buy your favorite car this holiday season, here are some things to bear in mind

Buy On Christmas Eve

A recent survey has shown that Christmas eve offers over $2,800 savings or an average of 8.12 percent off on MSRP. Can’t visit the dealer on Christmas eve? Don’t worry — New Year’s Eve and Christmas day also offer good discounts. 

Don’t Miss 4th of July Car Sales

On the 4th of July, you can expect car dealerships to host great sales. Many car dealerships offer attractive financing options like a lower interest rate than banks and financial institutions. Just make sure that before you go, make sure you know what payment you can afford on a monthly basis. 

Black Friday Is Great for Car Sales, Too

On Black Friday, car dealerships offer exciting deals on the car to move inventory. Expect to see dealerships offering deep discounts on the current year’s models in order to make way for newer models.

Labor Day Car Sales

Labor Day weekend is always a great holiday for car shoppers. Dealerships are willing to sell cars at much lower prices to meet their sales goals. Besides lower prices, you can also get low interest rates and other incentives during Labor Day.

Be Prepared To Make A Quick Deal

Great discounts do not come your way every day. Be prepared to make a purchase — your favorite model may already be on someone else’s list!

Research Well Before Visiting the Dealership

Now that you are all set to make a quick deal, equip yourself with enough data on the model you wish to purchase. Check online reviews for the average market price for your car. Ask your family and friends for their reviews. You can even check out the social media profiles of the maker for additional promotions. 

Buying a car can be an exciting prospect. This is especially true when the best models are offered at discounted rates. Car shopping during the holiday season is one of the best tricks to drive home a world-class car at an affordable price.