What Vehicle is Best for Graduates?

What Vehicle is Best for Graduates?

After graduating, the first thing you may wish to do is drive home your own vehicle. You do not wish to settle for your family hand-me-downs anymore. Your time has arrived and you will settle for nothing less.

But shopping for your own vehicle can be a long process. So, here we will tell you a few tidbits that will help you find your very own chariot.

What to Choose: New or Used?

In the good old days, most people preferred buying a new vehicle without giving it another thought because they wanted the best experience on the road.

But times have changed now. The overall quality of vehicles has improved tremendously. If you test-drive a vehicle that is 5-10 years old and it has been maintained properly, you will not feel any difference between the old and new car in its on-road performance. On top of it, they are also an economical choice.

The only things that are absent are the latest technological advancements and the new vehicle smell. These things might mean a lot to some people and this might make them consider buying a new vehicle just for this experience.

At last, it is completely your call which one you want to buy. Consider the merits and demerits of both a used and new vehicle. It’s your choice.

The Confusion of Buying or Leasing

Many recent graduates struggle with this question. They find themselves unable to decide as to whether they should lease or buy their new vehicle. Well, do not worry anymore. If you are planning to go out and explore the world a bit, you should probably skip a vehicle lease. It is a more suitable option for someone who is thinking of settling down for at least two years. These people can get a much better offer when choosing to lease. Any damages will be covered by the dealer. Therefore, it is the best deal for the right kind of user.

Do Brands Matter?

Well, not in modern times. In the past, brands mattered a lot if you thought of buying a used car. For example, only when buying a high-end used car could you really relax a bit about your decision. But times have changed today as cars and other vehicles are more reliable and tougher than before. If you carefully look around, you can grab great deals on a variety of brands.

Does MPG matter?

Offers on miles per gallon can make you ecstatic and you might be tempted to get a vehicle that gives the "best miles per gallon in class". However, what these clever advertisers are not telling you is by how much this model is better than others. There is a lot of competition in the market at the present moment that each class has a cluster of high MPG vehicles. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. It is your first vehicle. Go grab the best deal in the market as no one forgets their first.