The Family Car: SUVs vs. Minivans

The Family Car: SUVs vs. Minivans

Traditionally, the family car has been considered as the minivan. As time passed however, more stylish cars came on the road to overtake the minivan’s beloved place in the hearts of American families -- SUVs.

In recent times however, efforts have been made by numerous automakers to remake the tarnished image of the minivan. Have they succeeded? Let’s have a look.


At first glance, the minivan simply looks a bit better than it did a decade ago. SUVs, on the other hand, have a stylish ‘modern day mom’ air about them that both moms and dads simply adore.


SUVs seat up to eight passengers, with three rows of seats such as the Ford Edge, Expedition, Escape, etc. The van such as the Ford Transit Wagon can seat up to 15 people and carry a large amount of cargo at the same time. If you have a large family with 4 or more kids, toddlers, grandparents and pets to shuttle around, you won’t find any other car that has come close to providing the same kind of space and customizable comfort that the van can.

Of course, looks aren’t everything when choosing a family car, so we’ll have to give one point to the minivans when it comes to space.

SUVs are taller in design to provide better ground clearance in case of having to travel to uneven or even rugged terrains. However, this characteristic of SUVs has proven to be a bane to the SUV instead of a boon. The reasons being that:

  • SUVs are more difficult to get in and out owing to the height.

  • Installing a baby car seat and removing the same from the car can be difficult.

  • Loading and unloading groceries, shopping bags, sports equipment etc., is not an easy task when the vehicle is that high above the ground.

  • Reaching kids in seats at the third row is not an easy task when seated at the front.

Each of these disadvantages is nullified in the case of the minivan. All thanks to its low build. However, this does not imply that the minivan does not have enough head room. Contrarily, it has plenty of leg room, head room or space to move around in.


Both SUVs and minivans come equipped with a whole range of safety gadgets. Technology has certainly advanced to make the most of the roads and not allow that roads or people around to dictate how a drive will turn out. With the help of ABS, airbags, four-wheel disc brakes, alerts and sensors, steering assist, warnings and lane departure warnings make for safe drives.

However, the minivan gets our vote even today, since the tall design of the SUV makes it prone to rollovers. Anti-rollover bars help prevent the car from skidding off the road. Talk to your dealer today to get the most out of purchasing today!