Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

Some cars are stored in owners’ garages during winter days, for fear of winter damage. However, the rest are driven on roads during different conditions throughout the year, which means your car could be in rough shape before the arrival of the warmer spring season.

Spring brings about a sudden change in the weather, which is in total contrast to the last few months. That means there is no arguing that the vehicle’s running mode is also changed. So, there are a few ways to make your car work as well as a new car does. Some basic maintenance checks have to be performed to ensure that the equipment is in a smooth working state.

1. Electrical System: The battery drains away in the winter if the vehicle is left idle. Be sure to charge it fully before you take a ride. Spark plugs and belts must be free of any damage. Repair the parts and if required, get a replacement.

2. Air-Conditioning: You wouldn’t have much use for your A/C in the winter but as you gear up for spring, check the air-conditioning and see that it meets your standards because summer will be here before you know it.

3. Filters: Oil filters and air filters should be replaced. Cabin filters must sport no damage as pollen in the wind can enter the cabin filter and cause uneasiness to drivers and passengers. Spring is the season which brings allergies to many, so beware of air circulating in the vehicle if you have dirty filters.

4. Oil and Fuel: Replace all the fluids, not just the oil. Radiator coolant must be replaced as it has the tendency to heat up in the warmer weather. A good tip is to use antifreeze in the coolant. Lubricating fluid viscosity must be according to the owner’s manual.

5. Tires: Tire pressure must be set at the proper level as flat tires and misaligned tires can cause many accidents. If the tread depth has decreased or only one side of the tires seems to be worn out, there is no other option than to have them replaced.

Finally, the car must be spot-free on the exterior and the interior. Dust off the leather seats, wipe clean the dashboard, see that the windshield is scratch-free, clean out the air filters, replace the wiper blades and add a bug repellent to the windshield.

Hose down the grime and salt under the carriage. Wax the exterior to seal the coat of paint or invest in a paint job with a color scheme that is inspired with floral elements and spring blossoms.

After all, this is a world where appearances are also very important. Not just for the world, it is a great feeling when you take a ride in your car and smell the sweet fragrance of spring inside the car, as well as when you lower your windows.