Fall Scenic Road Trip Ideas

Fall Scenic Road Trip Ideas

Leaf viewing is the least expensive way to experience America’s awe-inspiring natural beauty. Check out our top five fall scenic road trip ideas where you are guaranteed to see some amazing fall colors. 

Cherohala Skyway

The fall season is the best time to drive on the Cherohala Skyway. As the cold weather arrives, the changing leaves and their colors are spectacular. The leaves in the higher elevations start changing colors in September and continue through mid-November in lower elevations. The sourwoods, poplars and dogwoods are some of the trees that are first to transform. The white oaks, hickories and red oaks change later. There is no doubt the Cherohala Skyway gives you the best glimpse of fall foliage. 

Newfound Gap

The Newfound Gap is a scenic highway that takes you through the Great Smoky Mountains Park. The park usually experiences leaf season for several weeks, and the colors start changing first in higher elevations. The timing of the fall color change is difficult to predict in advance, but a fall road trip in the month of October will give you a glimpse of a spectacular display of fall foliage. 

Roaring Fork Trail

The Roaring Fork Trail is about five miles long. It offers spectacular fall foliage that lasts as long as you want. You can enjoy mountain scenery and spend time pulling off the trail and taking photos of the fall foliage. The beautiful drive on the Roaring Fork Trail takes you through lush green forests, lovely waterfalls, cliff faces with water seeps and stunning overlooks of the changing colors of fall foliage. 

Blue Ridge Parkway

October marks the start of the fall color season along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is one of the best times to visit the region and a chance to see the Appalachian Mountain Range draped in golds, reds and lingering shades of green. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a very popular fall scenic road trip that runs from Virginia all the way to Cherokee, NC. The parkway offers beautiful scenery all the way. You can drive north or south on the Parkway from Asheville and ascend in elevation. The Blue Ridge Parkway road trip is all about the journey and the amazing vistas that catch your attention from the window. 

Road trips are a great pastime in the United States and will continue to remain so. These fall scenic road trips offer you the best way to experience a vast array of breathtaking valleys, stunning coastal valleys, rugged cliffs and lush forestry from your car window.